12 Songs, 58 Minutes


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8 Ratings



Wow! It's hard to know where to begin when there is such a plethora of joy and talent to choose from on this CD. Mary Bogue's choice of songs has something for everyone and then some! Her voice is strong, powerful and full of the emotion needed to transform each of these songs into a mood all her own - and yet, she makes it easy to join right along with her in those feelings.

This is truly one of the best jazz/blues CD's to come along in years. I'm sure everyone will have their own favorite/s tune from this masterpiece. I go back and forth to try to choose one song over the others - but truth be told, I am finding that a difficult task because each song emotes a whole different feeling. Mary takes you on a journey through her singing/storytelling that will leave beautiful memories in your heart forever. I literally shed tears each time I listen to her version of Both Sides Now and then I find myself laughing out loud at the hilarious banter between Mary and her creative consultant and friend Les McCann on the song Hot, Strong, and Black.

If you want to hear the best of what's out there now, give a listen to this CD. Perfect singing, song choice and musicians. And by the way, the CD artwork makes the whole package feel like you are holding a precious jewel in your hand.... which you are.

Excellent cd from an excellent vocalist


Mary Bogue has been singing and performing for years, but this is her debut studio album. And what an album it is! She weaves storytelling, great vocals and melodies, lengendary duets, and wonderful musicians behind her to create a very thoughful, personal, and compelling jazz pop/R&B album. This album also has a great flow to it, and by the end of the cd you'll be wanting more!

Please click buy! You will be thanking me.


Diane Swatko

Wow! I happened across a hard copy of the CD this month and thought maybe the linear notes were setting me up. I mean it's hard to believe when someone tells you...Mary is a reflection of the Ladies of Jazz who set the bar with distinction. Each song mirrors her love of musical standards that swings and rejoices in the blues. Songs that are standards like "Don't Go To Strangers," "Mood Indigo" and Black Coffee/Heartbreak Hotel" have become Mary's "tour de force," drenched in a healthy appreciation of the blues...."even if that person happens to be the top jazz radio personality in Los Angeles, Bubba Jackson. Well, he was right. Except, he might have mentioned that every cut is a mindblower, leaving you wanting more and more.

And oh, not only can she sing her derrriere off, but she's apparently smart enough to surround herself with what must be the greatest musicans in L.A.! Ah, can you say LES MCCANN? What? Well, if she blew him away to record with her, then there's not much more, I can add. Holy Smokes! While I love "Both Sides Now"( I h've never heard it like THIS before) and "Blue Champagne," My husband's favorites are "I 'd Rather Drink Muddy Water " and "Black Coffee/Heartbreak Hotel."
Ask me tomorrow, and my favorites may have changed, because, I keep playing the same ones over and over and it's hard to get through the whole CD!! Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe, "Unchain My Heart " is my favorite! Guess, I'll have to spin it again!