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16 Ratings

Don't Touch Me There

Gene in Reno

These guys should have made it big. The record company that signed them dropped the ball in marketing them. Their first album was released about the same time that U-2's music hit the states. 20 plus years later I can still pop in any song, play it to unsuspecting friends and they think it must be some rock band that made it big but they just can't remember the name. Did you know that Silent Rage opened for Black Sabbath when Black Sabbath tried to make it without Ozzy. Probably the biggest reason Black Sabbath's attempt to make a come back without Ozzy didn't work is that Silent Rage stole the show with their high powered opening act. Again the record company that signed Silent Rage was silent as they toured major cities in the east coast which included a performance in New York City that was awesome. I was there and will never forget the Rage's performance that night. Had one major rock writer had been invited and reviewed that concert this band would have become famous.



Finally!! I'm able to purchase one of the coolest 80's bands for under 35bucks! I loved this band in the 80's and have looked everywhere for it, only to find it listed as an import(???) on all sites for 30 bucks or more. This band is Whitesnake meets Sleez Beez meets a slight touch of Vain and Roxx Gang...you 80's people know what I'm talking about. Anyway, you can't go wrong with the great riffs and the cool voice of Silent Rage (who is the voice, by the way?). 80's METAL at it's finest...how I miss those days!!!

Bang your head with the beat

Anakin Rocks!

seriouslly Silent Rage is a band that hasnt chosen to change just because the music industry turned its back towards them.theyve stood their ground.

About Silent Rage

This Californian hard rock quartet was formed in 1986 by Mark Hawkins (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), Timmy James Reilly (vocals, guitar), E.L. Curcio (bass) and Jerry Grant (drums). They debuted with ‘Make it Or Break It’ on the Pure Metal compilation. This led to producer/guitarist Paul Sabu taking an interest in the band. He produced Shattered Hearts and co-wrote three numbers on the album. This collection followed a direction similar to Y&T, Kiss and Van Halen but featured extensive use of keyboards, which added a strong melodic undercurrent to the songs. Moving to Kiss bass player Gene Simmons’ self-titled label, a subsidiary of RCA Records, Don’t Touch Me There materialized in 1990. This built on the strong foundations of their debut and was immaculately produced, but blatantly geared for Stateside FM radio play lists.



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