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If you love either of these groups...you have all their CDs including their greatest hits....so, 3 songs....thanks, but for me, that's not enough.

NKOTBSB: The Ultimate Boy Band


now, i'm not gonna lie. i've been a backstreet boys fan since 1997 and grew up listening to these guys with each and every album. when I heard that they were teaming up with new kids, I was a bit skeptical and thought that was a bad idea. I was never really interested in new kids, but once I listened to the combination that both bands contribute, I was shocked. "don't turn off the lights" is a great pop song and is a favorite of mine. "all in my head" was originally a demo of the backstreet boys for their album, this is us, and I love it, especially the piano intro. it's a killer ballad. and of course, everyone has heard the mash-up from the AMA and new years performances. awesome. the rest of the songs are a comilation of not just the bands' greatest hits, but what the fans thought were their greatest hits. this album is for the fans and they delivered. "like" if you agree.


The cumbersomely-named NKOTBSB is the moniker New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys adopted for their joint venture of 2011. Inspired by the Backstreet Boys' appearance at a summer 2010 New Kids on the Block concert, the two bands decided to launch a major tour in summer of 2011. The tour was accompanied by a joint greatest-hits album -- also titled NKOTBSB -- which included two collaborative songs: “All in My Head” and “Don’t Turn Out the Lights (D.T.O.T.L.)." ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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