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Rarely do I comment on the actual music of an artist. However, this makes me scratch my head and go HUH? All the instruments bleed into each other and there is no distinct sound - in essence - NOISE! The male singer has a decent voice, but the noise drowns him out, the female is loud and ear piercing (in a negative way) Though I give them credit, they are out there doing what they love, and not everything has to be main stream, but all music should be coherent. This is just not good.



I enjoy the melodies, which are nicely complimented by the male singer's vocals; the lyrics draw me in and keep me listening...however there tends to be a lack of cohesion amidst the instruments (as if they're unsure as to what true sound they're trying to portray), which can make the sounds sound like white-noise in parts...overall though, not a bad sound - just not sure if its one of those albums i could enjoy listening to over and over.

About The Winter Passing

Based out of Dublin, Irish emo/pop-punk quintet Winter Passing formed in 2012 around the talents of siblings Rob and Kate Flynn, Jamie Collison, John MacMahon, and Neil Kirwan. Drawing inspiration from bands like Jimmy Eats World, Built to Spill, Sonic Youth, the Get Up Kids, and the Gaslight Anthem, Winter Passing honed their chops regionally on the live circuit and issued a series of singles and EPs before heading into the studio to lay down tracks for a debut long-player. The resulting Different Space of Mind was issued via Fita Records in September 2015. Two years later the band issued the Double Exposure EP via Big Scary Monsters. ~ James Christopher Monger

    Dublin, Ireland

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