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246 Ratings

DGD Downtown Battle Mountain

This is an amazing cd. I'm a huge DGD fan and Jonny Craig fan as it but this cd is probably the best. My ipod recently broke and the only cd ive had in my car for the last month has been Downtown Battle Mountain and that hasnt been an issue its still just as good as the first time i heard it

somebody that doesn't like the Jonas Brothers

One of the Best Albums of All Time

The whole album is just amazing. Jonny Craig's vocals are just outstanding and will blow your mind. Jon Mess does scream differently, but it goes really well with DGD's music. Matt Mingus lays down some sick beats to go along with it all. My favorite songs were Open Your Eyes and Look North, Turn Off the Lights, I'm Watching Back to the Future, Lemon Meringue Tie, and It's Safe to Say You Dig the Backseat. Honestly, I think all of the songs on here are excellent. I would strongly encourage everybody to buy this album.


Amazing Album

This has got to be one of my favorite albums of all time! I love every song and they bring such a great element to their music that others bands in their fail to create.
Here is a track by track review
Untitled and And I told Them I Invented Times New Roman (10/10):
I consider them the same song because it is such a cool transition to start the album off. This song gives me so much inspiration and the chorus makes you feel like you could do anything
It's Safe to Say You Dig the Backseat (9/10)
Another great track off of this amazing album. I love how it starts off with brutal screaming then about a third a way through the song lets Johnny Craig show off his amazing voice and it feels so heart felt
Strawberry Andre (10/10)
Also another one of my favorites. Best chorus on the album and will be stuck in your head for a long time. Very Brutal near the middle of the song then goes back to the epic chorus
Lemon Meringue Tea (8/10)
I love the intro of this song. I don't really like the chorus that much for this song buts its still a great song
The Backward Pumpkin Song (100/10)
First Dance Gavin Dance song I ever heard it is still my favorite. Amazing song with a ton of transitions great bridge also. Words can't describe how amazing this song is. Perfect
Antilion (8/10)
I don't really like the intro that much its to popy sounding or punk I don't know what i just don't like it as much as the other intros. Another great chorus and overall great song again
Turn Off the Lights, I'm Watching Back to the Future (7/10)
Hasn't really caught my attention but its still a good song
Open Your Eyes and Look North (8/10)
I love the intro and then comes in with the screaming. Has a pretty good chorus also and intense near the end
Surprise! I'm From Cuba, Everyone Has one Brain (9/10)
Really minor and intense for the first 3 minutes then it culminates with a one of the best choruses on the album. Love how it drags on at the end
12 Hours, 630 miles (10/10)
Really wish it was longer beautiful song and a great way to end the album on a high note

This is a great roller-coaster of emotion and swallows you into it while your listening to it. Wish it would never end but one of the best albums I have ever heard

About Dance Gavin Dance

Volatile post-hardcore outfit Dance Gavin Dance deliver thrashing, emo-leaning anthems performed over the years by a frequently shifting lineup that has featured former members of Farewell Unknown and Ghost Runner on Third. The Sacramento crew originally comprised vocalists Jonny Craig and Jonathan Mess, guitarists Will Swan and Sean O'Sullivan, bassist Eric Lodge, and drummer Matt Mingus. The sextet hooked up with Rise Records in 2006 and debuted that November with the EP Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean. Their first LP, Downtown Battle Mountain, arrived the next year. Before releasing their self-titled sophomore follow-up in 2008, Craig left the band and was briefly replaced by Kurt Travis. Mess and Lodge also parted ways with the band, with Swan taking over screaming vocals and Jason Ellis as the new bassist. Happiness, their third album, was released in 2009. The lineup changes continued the next year, with Mess and Lodge returning to the band, bringing along guitarist Josh Benton. Jonny Craig returned for a moment, relieving Travis of his vocal duties. That incarnation of the band released Downtown Battle Mountain II, the sequel to their debut. The reunion wouldn't last long, however, as Craig split yet again in 2012. Tilian Pearson (ex-Tides of Man) was brought on in 2013, just in time for their fifth album, Acceptance Speech. Their highest-charting album to date was issued a year later. Instant Gratification peaked at number 32 on the Billboard 200 upon its release in April 2015. The band embarked on a tenth anniversary tour later that year. In 2016, they released their second live album, Tree City Sessions, which included tracks from each of their six albums, and marked the return of Josh Benton on guitar and production duties. That same year saw the arrival of the band's seventh studio long-player, Mothership, which featured the singles "Chucky vs. The Giant Tortoise" and "Betrayed by the Game." The set debuted at 13 on the Billboard 200. After touring ended, they promptly returned to the studio to record a follow-up. Artificial Selection arrived in 2018. The effort featured singles "Son of a Robot" and "Care," as well as guest vocalists Andrew Wells ("Evaporate") and former bandmate Travis ("Shelf Life"). ~ Corey Apar & Neil Z. Yeung

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