18 Songs, 59 Minutes


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1.7 out of 5
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53 Ratings

Sham & Shame


I quite agree; schlepping fakery is bad enough but not being forthcoming about it is dishonest and unethical. Let us all who enjoy the iTMS protest. Keep our store safe from the phonies!

I wish I had read the reviews before I bought!!


Luckily, I only bought a single - recommended by iTunes - of the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose. I was super-disappointed when I listened to it, because it was not the version I grew up with. I heard the differences within the first few measures. AVOID THIS ALBUM IF YOU WANT THE SONGS YOU REMEMBER!!!!!

Seventies Soul Sensations


I am very disappointed in this album. I also fell for the Cornelius Brothers And Sister Rose song "Too Late to Turn Back Now. It is not the original version. I guess I will have to get my old 45 record player out so I can listen to the real thing.


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