"The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAAA Birthday Bundle" by Frank Zappa on iTunes

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Great Sounds


Great sound!! I love the FZ performed material best. I'm not a fan of the fade out!!! America the Beautiful is outstanding, as well as the short Inca solo. We need more unreleased FZ on Itunes...just put all the misfit and odd recordings (live concerts maybe) online and let us make are own compilations....Happy Birthday Frank!! We miss you and your music!! Thank you Frank, Gail, the FZT, and Itunes.

How could you not LOVE this one, too?


If there are any other Zappa heads out there like myself, I know you'll be here, soon, rating this latest little gem from the vault! I find this selection of 'gems from the vault' to be just what I've needed to get myself in the 'Holiday Spirit'! This second bundle on Frank's birthday (for the second year, running) is quite the treat for my (our) ears and if I had a life would be doing something else but sitting in front of the computer listening to this new release! If you don't buy this, you're not really a fan of FZ! Great guitar solos! Of course, Frank is known for that!! ENJOY!! Thank you Dweezil, ZFT, and Joe Travers for making this available.

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