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A Great Way to Start Off a December


This album was made completely on a beatmaker? Other artists should take note to save money, lol. This album sounds great.

I wouldn't call The Holdup a reggae band. Most of the sounds typically incorporated in a band is machine produced in their music. I would call The Holdup Mike Garmany's musical child. And this child has grown up.

What's beautiful about the band is their ability to bleed genres into each other so that the final product sounds unique and original.

I would say The Holdup (Mike, now Grant, Justin) first began to stand out from the reggae scene with their album Confidence. Consequence is where they really came into their own as far as sound. Fools Gold Pt.1 was a double down, and Leaves in the Pool is the pinnacle of their success in defining what The Holdup is. Every tune is catchy but what drives home the hammer is the smooth guitar work, original vocals, progressive themes and jazzy production. Mike himself shows he is a true musician and a weathered writer. This is what artistry is. The decision to change labels was a good move.. The characteristic charm from earlier albums is still there, just presented in a much clearer, more consistent way.

What's funny is you see glimpses of this genius in Stay Gold. So it's so satisfying to see this band reach its definitive form. Don't get me wrong, I love those earlier albums but this is on another level. This is their best album to date and I see their following growing in many directions from here.

John Mayer's Continuum is The Holdup's Leaves in the Pool!!

New Album!


I know this is going to be amazing! I already love Dumb Luck & Imperfections!

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