14 Songs, 55 Minutes


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Earthlings Unite

This is the second CD by Don Oriolo. The artist has combined rock, country western and folk in these songs.The love song is beautiful. Love his style of music..


Love this

I really like Long Haul it makes me want to find a girl n just dance or even pick up my broom n dance with that if no girl is around 😄


I love Earthlings Unite


Don Oriolo's has done it again! His second solo album is a musical love letter to all things that encompass his world, spun with imagination and humor.

Don Oriolo is a master musician and songwriting hit maker with decades of experience in the music industry. Each song offers such variety of style that you would think they were forged by an army of tunesmiths! The writing runs the gamut from introspective trance to contemporary pop sound. Each track shares another life lesson well-learned by this singer/songwriter.

Kyrie Eleison is worth the price of admission! I spent most of my first afternoon with this album with All in the Name of Love playing on repeat, with it's catchy, infectious pure pop.

Being a musician who is not afraid to take a chance, explore and experiment, I'd put Oriolo's songwriting up against anything born of the brill building.

The production on this CD that is beyond a wall of sound. It's more like a lush, cascading Krakatoa of sound! Put on your headphones and turn it up!

Do yourself a favor and make yourself a present of not only EARTHLINGS UNITE, but don's previous album, WHEN YOU GOTTA GO, YOU GOTTA GO.

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