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Blessed with an unmistakable voice that sounds like an ex-smoker’s electrolarynx dipped in molasses, Gorilla Zoe’s second album comes off as unique even when he’s doing something predictable. At first “Echo,” “What It Is,” and “I’m Dumb” seem like your average Southern rap club tracks, but dig a little deeper and you’ll soon realize that Zoe’s lyrics and delivery are anything but ordinary. Check, for instance, the sing-song baritone he used for “I Got It,” which sounds a bit like T-Pain might if his throat were coated with a year’s worth of exhaust. “I’m Dumb” turns the strip club anthem on its ear with a refrain rife with Zoe’s oddball slang and off-the-wall metaphors: “Bite down, shawty chewing like a billygoat / Going crazy, dancing on her tippy toes / And I'm smoking on that mistletoe.” Don’t Feed Da Animals contains some of the year’s most unusual club tracks, but the song that really sets Zoe apart is “Lost.” Zoe describes a soul at odds with modern rap’s thuggish posturing and braggadocio: “I'm lost on a road / And there's no one to talk to / There's nowhere to run to / I'm goin’ in circles / I'm talkin’ to myself.” It is the most disarming, plaintive and personal rap hook you will hear all year.

Customer Reviews

Gorilla Zoe - Don't Feed Da Animals

1. Untamed Gorilla: Sick flow accompanied with dope rhymes. His flow and voice goes very well with the beat. The hook by JC is pretty good too. I like the originality of this track. Great track. 5/5 2. What It Is: Great all around track!!! Excellent lyrics from Gorilla Zoe. I feel as though Rick Ross's performance was ok, but not good nor bad. I do wonder why Gorilla Zoe would collaborate with Rick Ross after he lost most of his street credibility. Cool chorus. I also think that Zoe fits in well with this beat. Overall, it's a pretty good track. 4.5/5 3. Dope Boy: This track kinda dissapointed me because of the autotune. On a track with this type of title, I think it would be better if he didn't sing any and just drop dope lyrics. The lyrics are still pretty good and the track overall is decent. 3.5/5 4. Lost: I heard this song a long time ago and I still love it. This track is very original, has a sick beat, and amazing lyrics. I think that if people who don't regularly listen to rap were to here this song, they would like it too because there so many ways people can relate to it and understand what he's saying. This is a must-have track! 5/5 5. I'm Dumb: At first I thought that this track was kinda dumb...but after the first minute or two it seemed a lot better. Catchy Chorus. At didn't really care too much for the lyrics, but they got a lot better after the first verse. In fact, I think some of his best lyrics so far are on this track. The beat is alright. 4/5 6. S--- On Em: The autotune annoyed me at first but it grew on me. I really like the beat. Once again, great lyrics. The song is kinda funny too! The verse where he puts away the autotune is great - he rips that verse! That verse alone takes the song from being pretty good to great. 4.8/5 7. Hood Clap: I'm not too sure of the originality of the track--it reminds me of "Hand Clap" by Hurricane Chris. Hardcore lyrics about what it's like to be in the hood. Good beat, except the hand clapping gets kinda annoying occasionally. This track is a street banger and an overall great track. 4/5 8. HelluvaLife: I'm one of those hardcore Gucci fans so before I even listened to this I expected it to be great. The chorus is really good. One of the best chorus's on the album. As expected and as usual, Gucci's verse is sick and he kills this beat! Wonderful verse by Gucci! OJ da Juiceman throw in good lyrics too, as does Gorilla Zoe. Unfortunately for Zoe, he gets overshined by Gucci Mane and he isn't the standout on this track, which you don't really want to happen on your own album. But this song is still fantastic! It is a HelluvaSong. 4.5/5 9. I Got It: Another good beat for Zoe's style. The concept of the song isn't too original, as for he is talking about women and sex. I think this song will receive more props than it deserves but it isn't bad. 3/5 10. Watch Me: The beat is ok. I don't care for it too much. The lyrics are still really good. One of my favorite lines in this track is "A ***** need a flashlight just to see y'all". Kinda boring at times. Big Block adds a good verse. Overall, it's a solid track. Not outstanding, but it's good. 3.9/5 11. Man I: Creative and original. The way he says "Man I" sort of resembles "Ain't I" by Yung L.A. Mediocre beat that I don't like with Zoe's voice and stlye but it goes along well with the concept of the song. In this track, Zoe takes a reflection of his past from when he didn't have much money and went through other struggles. This track doesn't really stand out for any reason and could be a skipper for some people, but if you are patient and listen to the lyrics, you will gain respect for this track. 3.7/5 12. Talk Back: Another song about sex but it's more original that most songs like this are. He has mediocre lyrics on this track. The beat isn't too amazing either for this track. It is kind of boring too. I guess the track isn't bad but there isn't much about it to like. 2.8/5 13. So Sick: As was the case with "I'm Dumb", I was also hoping when I saw the name of this track that he would ditch the autotune and drop dope lyrics to describe how good a rapper he is (similar to "I'm Illy" by T.I. and "A Milli" by Lil Wayne). However, I started playing the song and noticed that the song is about the way he feels and I totally mispredicted the track. Zoe seems to open his heart a bit more than usual and express how he feels, over a light beat, which isn't a great beat, but it goes great with the song. I really like his use of autotune in this song. It sounds very good. I don't think many people will like this track as much as the other tracks, but in my opinion, it is off the hook. Great song. 4.4/5 14. Echo: Wow! This track is amazing! I notice that on a lot of albums, the final track isn't too good which kind of makes me think down on the album of a whole and not on that one track. However, Gorilla Zoe ends this album with one of his best songs on the album, maybe even THE best! Great lyrics, great beat, great use of autotune...everything is great! Great job by Gorilla Zoe to end the album on a high note! 5/5 Overall: Gorilla Zoe's sophomore release smashes his debut in the ground. His debut only had a few solid tracks, but pretty much every track on this album is pretty good, and even the worst ones are still respectable. It would not surprise me if this album won album of the year but keep in mind that Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Jay-Z have albums scheduled to come out and since they are big names, they could easily win it over Zoe even if their albums aren't that good, just because of their history. Regardless of how that turns out, this album is definitely the best of the year thus far, and it's the best rap album that's been released since Paper Trail. A must-have, in my opinion. My Fave 5: 1. Echo 2. Lost 3. I'm Dumb 4. S--- On Em 5. Untamed Gorilla Honorable Mention: So Sick

Gorilla Zoe-Don't Feed Da Animals

Boyz N Da Hood member, Gorilla Zoe, returns with his sophomore release after a merely mediocre and forgettable debut effort. With a newfound status in the streets, Zoe delivers another side of his persona. Untamed Gorilla: Proclaiming horns start things off with a knocking beat by Kane. JC delivers a decent hook, but Zoe is on point and the album starts off promising with a solid street banger. 3.5/5 What It Is: Zaytoven creates an uptempo feel good vibe, as Zoe delivers a sing songy flow with sing song rhymes. His lyrics pass you without any lasting mark, the typical gangsta rap cliches of money, clothes and h**s. Rick Ross and unknown southern rapper Kollosus join with decent results. Ross does the best, but the track is merely decent. 3.5/5 Dope Boy: Zoe continues his sing songy autotuned hooks and flow. This track comes off unappealing and its Don Vito’s production that makes the track at least bearable. 2.5/5 Lost: The best track on the album stands as Zoe’s lead single, “Lost”. Hot producer of recent, Drumma Boy delivers an excellent vibe to this track, as Zoe lets his emotions of stress and publicity getting to him out. While the track is autotuned, the knocking bass is comforting, while the melodic hook sounds great. Impressive reflection from Zoe, that is a nice change from his previous tiresome trap rap. 4.5/5 I’m Dumb: The street single that tries some new terminology, as Big Block introduces the track. Decent hook that is catchy and the strings, knocking bass make for a solid Atlanta banger, worthy of club play. 3.5/5 S*** On ‘Em: One of the corniest hooks that I have heard, Zoe spits “I shoodo, I poopoo, I s*** on em”. The high paced summery banger production from Zaytoven is decent, but Zoe’s autotune verses get tiresome here and it gets old. 1.5/5 Hood Clap: Nearly identical production to Zoe’s first hit, “Hood N****”, the track is a flawed attempt at the same success. Corny hook and decent lyrics, that has Zoe turning a bit political “they f*** with McCain, we sell cocaine, n**** f*** George Bush, his daddy and his momma, I’m smokin on Obama, while I’m countin’ all these hundreds”. 2/5 Helluvalife: Gucci Mane surprisingly does well here, as his chilled vibe works well, staying street, yet enjoyable. The hook is decent, as OJ Da Juiceman joins Zoe to create a nice relaxed look at the party life. Nice summer banger that stays street, yet enjoys life. 3.5/5 I Got It: Similar in vein to his autotune sing songy style that he discovers on this disc, Zoe sounds better hear than some of the previous attempts. Big Block joins in on the fun, as Drumma Boy delivers another strong production. 3/5 Watch Me: Decent production, but Yung Chris and Zoe don’t do the track justice. The hook isn’t nearly as catchy as it should be and too repetitive. 2.5/5 Man I: Piano laced production, autotuned vocals and nonsensical rhymes make the track forgettable. Intended to be a reflective track on the old life, Zoe’s singing and random lyricism make for a skippable track. 2/5 Talk Back: The strip club number has Zoe a repeated hook, as Zoe and Roxy Reynolds go back and forth. EbonyLove assists with the dirty raps, as Zoe offers some decent lyrics. Mediocre club joint. 3/5 So Sick: Decent production that has Zoe getting his inner R&B singer on. The track sounds alright, but definitely could have been done better by an actual singer. 3/5 Echo: I’m not going to lie, this will definitely have hit potential, but it is because of Drumma Boy’s excellent production and crossover appealing synths. The melodic flow form Zoe is decent, but as I stated before, could have benefited better from an actual R&B or Pop singer. 3.5/5 Zoe’s sophomore release has him experimenting a new style of autotuned singer. Since his forgettable debut, Welcome To The Zoo, failed to impress the streets, he comes back with a celebratory and fun vibed album, filled with knocking 808s, clubby synths and autotune singing. Lyrically it is the regular Zoe, some funny lines here and there, but overall a really mediocre effort by Zoe. Drumma Boy delivers the album’s best tracks, as the price of fame and stressed struggling number, “Lost” has Zoe delivering some good autotune with the knocking bass. Drumma creates a great mood there and the crossover appealing “Echo”. Too many times on the album however, does Zoe depend on the autotune flow to make tracks for him. It gets a bit tiresome in the beginning, particularly “Dope Boy”, “S*** On Em”, “Watch Me”, “Man I” and “So Sick”. “Man I” is uninteresting reflection, while “So Sick” attempts lover Zoe, but falters from constant autotune. “I’m Dumb” is the most street track, while the promising “Untamed Gorilla” goes into absolute autotune dependency. “Helluvalife” and “What It Is” are solid balances of autotune and streetness, but work because of Rick Ross and Gucci Mane assistance. Overall its a decent album that trades street credibility for pop/R&B crossover tracks that will likely have minimal success, as these tracks would have been better performed by singers. A shift in audience, Zoe aims for charts, rather than streets and it results in an equal, but not better second disc. Rating: 6.5 out of 10


his songs may all sound similar but that doesnt make them bad. with his sophomore album he shows he can be at the top of the rap game. He throws out some great lyrics and all the beats are sick. the songs i suggest if you dont get the whole album are 1- echo 2- what it is 3- I got it 4- So Sick 5- Helluvalife 6- Lost (its been played alot and has gotten old but one of the best on the album if you havent heard it) must buy!


Born: January 26, 1983 in Atlanta, GA

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Years Active: '00s, '10s

Gorilla Zoe is an Atlanta rapper in the mold of Young Jeezy, whom he replaced in the Bad Boy group Boyz n da Hood. Both Atlantans have raspy voices, slow flows, simple rhymes, and a shameless obsession with the illegal drug trade, in particular, cocaine. Gorilla Zoe's first taste of commercial success came with "Coffee Shop," a 2007 hit by Bad Boy labelmate Yung Joc. His debut single as a solo artist, "Hood Nigga," followed shortly thereafter, along with the accompanying debut album Welcome to the...
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