12 Songs, 44 Minutes


About Sky Balla

Skye Branklyn, previously known as Sky Skers, is a Bay Area rap veteran known since the late '90s as Sky Baller and more commonly as Sky Balla. Among appearances on dozens of cuts with the likes of close associate Mac Dre, E-40, the Game, and the Jacka, he has issued several full-length projects documenting his street knowledge. Among the rapper's earliest releases are Mobb Report: The Affluent Lifestyle (2004) and Mobb Report (2005), both of which came out through his own Strictly Bizness label, and Tycoon Status (2008). After some additional showcases, including the 24th volume of Thizz Entertainment's Thizz Nation series, new full-lengths arrived more frequently during Sky Balla's third decade of activity, a period highlighted by The Life I Chose (2012), Never Broke (2015), Narco Life (2016), and Every Penny Count$ (2017). ~ Andy Kellman

January 25, 1980