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4.6 out of 5
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158 Ratings
for the love of indie! ,

Franz is magic

of the two albums franz has released, this one is my favorite. i think there are only about 2 songs on this album that i dotn like, and for someone as picky as myself, that is saying something. i cant stop listening to "the fallen" "do you want to" "walk away" and "eleanor put those boots back on". they are somewhat beatlesque in the sense that they are originally awesome and eternally fabulous. I cant wait for there third album to be released. go franz!

12th Man Seahawks ,

Maybe you could have it better, but do you really want to?

Franz Ferdinand does not make sounds that are overly immaculate. They sound like raw information from their brain to your ears, whether it follows their industry given genre or not, and that's why the fans love them. You get a vast variety of musical sounds on a Franz Ferdinand album, from the not completely uncharacteristic, but still surprising, potentional-guilty-pleasure pop sound of "Do You Want To" to the timeless ballads of "Eleanor Put Your Boots On" ad "Fade Together". Of course, "The Fallen" and "What You Meant" should not be left out as highlights of the album, although each song equally shows the band's ability to make you mull over the exact meaning of the continually smart lyrics to an embarassing degree, AND tap your foot to the ever-catchy beats at the same time (maybe also to an embarassing degree). There's no point in comparing Franz Ferdinand to any of the past or present bands (though I'm sure some of the listeners' comparisons would make the band members blush with flattery): FF is in a music box all of its own, and if the sounds of their sophmore album are being properly translated, they're going to stay that way.

Ms. Beatrice Warren ,

Delightful and original British pop group

Pros: It's songs like "The Fallen," "Walk Away," "You're the Reason I'm Leaving," and even the relatively easy-going "Eleanor Put Your Boots On" that renew my belief that the pop scene still has some original and interesting elements. They are easily re-listenable again and again; they have a wonderful blend of catchy dance rhythms, lyrics that don't sound horribly idiotic, and also a kind of sweetness underneath the 'angry young man' beats. The lead singer Alex -- and this group as a whole -- evoke a feeling of sixties' and seventies' British punk movements (think Malcolm McDowell singing "Singin' in the Rain" in "A Clockwork Orange" or Lindsay Anderson's anti-establishment boarding school movie "If...") that lends the album a nostalgic feel, while still remaining modern enough to interest audiences today. All in all, if you are any sort of fan of British rock, you will not find this album a waste of time.

Cons: None so far!

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