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Dare to rediscover Icehouse


Listen to some of their smash hit tracks today and you can't help but be picked up and carried along. Crazy and Electric Blue are chart toppers, but dive into Man of Colours, Touch the Fire, Icehouse, and Miss Divine. You'll find a band whose relatively unfamiliar tracks are an absolute delight, especially in this modern era where mainstream music is dominated by rap artists bragging about possessions, money, and objectifying women.

I think the thing about these enduring 80s bands (if it's appropriate to even pigeonhole Icehouse in this way) is that they did something timeless, if you can look past the hairdos in the MTV clips. Tight composition, toe tapping melodies, and powerful lyrics. And frequently, a powerful lead presence like Iva, pleading with you to hear what he has to say. And what he has to say has produced enough hits to fill a 30 track digital download.

Really the 80s was just another decade with its own colour and style. But every decade produces something musically that I would point to and say: "That. That is something we will never get tired of listening to."

I was 11 years old in 1990. But I was lucky enough to live in a house that had a copy of Man of Colours on heavy rotation. Nirvana was the defining act of my generation, but as an Australian, I will point to bands like Icehouse, Midnight Oil and Crowded House as deeper, more meaningful, and more committed than the vast majority of things recorded ever since.

Buy this album.

One of the best examples of 80's rock there is !!!


When I first saw the video of " No promises ", I thought that this band Icehouse sounded pretty decent. Then with hits like "Crazy " and " Electric Blue ", it became apparent how talented Iva and the gang from Australia were. It's too bad that they never did get more recognition here in the states, but this really is good music. " Great Southern Land " should be Australia's national anthem. And like the previous poster said, it's a shame that Icehouse hasn't toured the US more. He definitely has a small, yet loyal following !!!


Though it has had varying personnel, Icehouse was essentially a vehicle for the work of Australian Iva Davies. Davies formed the first version of the band under the name Flowers in 1980 and began scoring hits in Australia with the group's first single, "Can't Help Myself." (Icehouse was the name of Flowers' first album, but the group changed its name as it went international, to avoid conflicts with another band.) They first reached the U.S. charts in 1981 with "We Can Get Together" but did not score a substantial hit until 1988's "Crazy." This was followed by the Top Ten hit "Electric Blue," written by John Oates. ~ William Ruhlmann

    Sydney, Australia

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