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Insanely complex electro-jazz from Squarepusher and friends.


Insanely complex electro-jazz from Squarepusher and friends.

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A dream come True!


I´m a big fan of Tom Jenkinson and It´s great to hear real live Squarepusher playing bass with a great backing band. I cant wait to see them live and hope they play Papalon, which unfortunatly is not on this album. But *Cooper´s World, *Journey to Reedham, and of course *Iambic 5 Poetry are my favorites here.

I just discovered them as a band so now i´m listening to their first album from 2010. It´s not as jazzy as this one, but i´m liking it as well.

About Shobaleader One

Shobaleader One is an enigmatic, masked band led by IDM legend Squarepusher (Tom Jenkinson). The group formed in 2009, and originally consisted of Jenkinson (bass/vocals) along with individuals only referred to as Strobe Nazard (keyboards), Sten t'Mech (guitar), Arg Nution (guitar), and Company Laser (drums). The band's first release was "Cryptic Motion," a swinging electro-funk single which surprisingly arrived on French label Ed Banger in September of 2010, backed with a remix by Mr. Oizo. A month later, Squarepusher's usual home, Warp, released Shobaleader One's debut full-length d'Demonstrator. Far from the manic, jazzy drill'n'bass Squarepusher is usually known for, the album consisted of '80s R&B-influenced robotic rock songs, all of which featured Jenkinson's talkbox-filtered singing. The group was put on hold for a few years as Jenkinson resumed his solo career, but they began playing shows again in 2016 (minus Sten t'Mech). The following year, Warp released Elektrac, a live album of Shobaleader One's full-band renditions of compositions from throughout the Squarepusher back catalog, ranging from his earliest EPs to d'Demonstrator. ~ Paul Simpson


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