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Leif Huot,

The musicianship is splendid in this production. It is a great soundtrack to those cold winter nights in the cabin alone in the woods.

Wonderful Album


I gave this album a listen because I heard "Torchlight" on NPR's All Songs Considered, and the main reason I bought the whole album was because the Valerie Project refers to their music as "acid folk". However, now that I've listened to the whole thing, I must say that this is a truly wonderful album. This music may not be for everyone (I find the track "Machine Room" a bit hard to listen to, for instance); the album is discordant at times, ethereal at others, but the talent of the musicians involved is consistently astounding. One thing I find particularly appealing is that a good portion of the tracks flow directly into the next track without a discernible break, marked only by a change in instrumentation or mood. This gives the album an overall feel of a grand orchestral masterwork divided into movements. All in all, a delightfully bizarre album, worth buying if you like expanding your musical horizons.

About The Valerie Project

A psych-folk supergroup, the Valerie Project is headed by Espers' Greg Weeks and includes that band's Brooke Sietinsons and Helena Espvall, as well as Fern Knight's Margaret Wienk, Jesse Sparhawk, and Jim Ayre; Fürsaxa's Tara Burke; and Grass' Jessica Weeks; along with Mary Lattimore and Charles Cohen. The Valerie Project's lavish sound -- which incorporates harp, cello, analog synths, woodwinds, chimes, bells, and Jew's harp -- is inspired by the 1970 Jaromil Jires film Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, a surreal coming-of-age fairy tale that was among the last of the Czech New Wave works. Weeks and collaborator Joseph Gervasi planned a project to create alternate soundtracks for legendary cult films, and Valerie was at the top of both of their lists. After assembling the players that would become the Valerie Project, the ensemble began performing live dates with the film in 2006. Late that year, Lubos Fisher's original score to Valerie and Her Week of Wonders was released by Finders Keepers, increasing the film's prominence. In 2007, the Valerie Project played even more dates, including the Jarvis Cocker-curated Meltdown festival that summer. The group also recorded its self-titled debut album that year (in just eight days); it was released by Drag City late that fall, just as the band embarked on another tour. ~ Heather Phares

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