10 Songs, 48 Minutes


About Blevin Blectum

As one half of the groundbreaking IDM duo Blectum from Blechdom, Blevin Blectum (aka Bevin Kelley) began her electronic production career at Mills College, where she partnered with Kevin Blechdom (aka Kristin Erikson) to form and develop their unique project. After several award-winning releases, the two went their separate ways in 2002 and Blectum released her first solo effort, Talon Slalom, later that year, followed two years later by Magic Maple. A couple months prior to the 2008 release Gular Flutter, Blectum and Blechdom announced their realignment, and the two played a series of dates in early 2009 throughout Europe. Throughout the years, Blectum has also been active as a member of the audiovisual band Sagan alongside fellow experimental producers J. Lesser (her husband), Wobbly, and Ryan Junell. Her brother is violinist and post-disco producer Kelley Polar (aka Mike Kelley). ~ Rob Theakston