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One Thing To Understand:

80's Kiddo,

I've been following Grace and the Nocturnals for 10 years now. Not many people understand that all of the folks in the band go off on their side projects. For example: Scott, Benny, and Matt (her husband) have had a side band called "Blues and Lasers" for years now. Everyone flipped when Grace slightly changed her gritty "blues/rock" to a more edged "soul/blues/rock" with the release of GPN's self titled album in 2010. Everyone was scorning her for that. Her last album, The Lion, The Beast, and The Beat had a mix of all of her persuasions. What people have to understand is that her approach is very similar to Jack White's many alter egos. Jack White has numerous bands and even managed to snag GPN's former girl bassist, Catherine Popper! There's nothing wrong with Grace showing us her many sides and personas. She's a very highly talented musician and she's not leaving the Noc's anytime soon! This is what she's chosen to do, and as a loyal fan and musician myself, I respect that totally and cannot wait to hear what she's come up with now in this partly solo-album! Get 'em, GP! ❤️

Artists Evolve, Fans Sometimes Do Not


I often wonder if music fans ever take a time-out to consider why an artist/musician does what they do? Genuine artists express themselves in many different ways as their art evolves and sadly, sometimes fans do not evolve in the same direction. If you want to criticize Grace Potter for her “Midnight" album, then thoughtfully comment on the music and not the “backstory” gossip which no one truly knows anyhow. Many lead singers throughout history have taken time to do a self-titled album (Rob Thomas, Pat Monahan, Beyonce, etc.) and we should applaud them in taking a leap of faith that their fans will support a new expression of their art. Having been a GPN fan over the years, I hear loud and clear her GPN roots on “Midnight" - both with her vocals and the overall bluegrass-spunk sound and lyrics. And yes, there are certainly new sounds too - exploratory rock and pop that still stick with the grit of Grace and I personally love that. This album shares another facet of expression of a talented female musician and multi-instrumentalist as well as her fellow GPN bandmates' influence over the decades. Every album is a story and this is just one more exciting narrative of the ever-fearless, ever-gritty Grace we’ve all come to love and hopefully get to know more through her latest venture, “Midnight." And if you want more GPN, not just Grace, they’ve offered music fans over a decade’s worth of hard/folk/blues/alternative rock songs and concerts since their debut in 2002. It’s 2015 and I wish Grace and her fans nothing but support for the evolution of musicians and the art they create for us to enjoy.

About Grace Potter

Born in Waitsfield, Vermont, Grace Potter grew up in a family that encouraged her artistic pursuits in areas from music to theater, the latter of which she was studying at St. Lawrence University when drummer Matt Burr heard her singing at an open-mike night in 2002 and asked if she would form a band with him. She declined, but when her high school friend and bass player Courtright Beard enrolled in their college, she reconsidered the invitation, and the three of them began to write and perform jazz-influenced songs, with Potter also taking up duties on the Hammond B-3. Soon, guitarist Scott Tournet joined, and the bandmembers, calling themselves Grace Potter & the Nocturnals -- thanks to their late-night practice habits -- began to think seriously about making music their careers. When Burr graduated in 2003, they decided to move back to Vermont to some land that Potter's parents owned and dedicate themselves more fully to their craft, replacing Beard (who chose to stay at school) with Bryan Dondero in the process.

In 2004 they self-released their debut, Original Soul, receiving positive response and comparisons to artists like Norah Jones and early Bonnie Raitt. This in turn garnered major-label offers, but the band preferred to build its fan base by constant touring and festival appearances. Word of their electric performances spread, and shortly after their second album, Nothing But the Water -- also self-released -- came out in 2005, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals signed to Hollywood Records., Their third full-length, This Is Somewhere, hit shelves nationwide in August 2007. In 2010, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals was released; Hollywood pulled out all the stops in order to break the band internationally. Over the next year and a half, they toured incessantly, releasing a four-song Christmas EP, a live album in the UK, and a digital download-only set recorded live at the Fillmore. Potter's duet with Kenny Chesney, "You and Tequila," was nominated for Single of the Year Vocal Collaboration at the American Country Awards, and the pair performed it at the CMA Awards. In June of 2012, a new studio album, The Lion the Beast the Beat, by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals was released. Peaking at 17 on the Billboard 200, The Lion the Beast the Beat received the most attention of any Nocturnals record yet released, but Potter decided to go solo for her next album, 2015's Midnight. Produced by Eric Valentine, who also co-wrote many of the songs, the album appeared in August of 2015. ~ Marisa Brown

    Waitsfield, VT
  • BORN
    June 20, 1983

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