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Mastered for iTunes
Mastered for iTunes

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69 Ratings

Acoustic Songs are Great!

sethb4 56,

The acoustic songs are great! And I like the two new ones!



This band and its members are truly the best of what American Rock music has to offer! I've been a fan ever since I heard these guys for the very first time. They continue to define the genre with each album and other bands can only hope to keep up.



End of Silence was the album that got me into this RED. Every song on the record struck a cord that no other band ever has, and that's when I knew this band would become my favorite band ever.

The first eleven songs have been remastered to eliminate any "scratchy" sounds from its first release. The difference is there but it's subtle. Now, the other six tracks are the real prize of this re-release. The "Breathe Into Me" acoustic track has been heard before in the Release The Panic Deluxe Edition but this time it has a little added bit that you're gonna have to hear for yourself. "Already Over" acoustic sounds amazing, and the same could be said of "Lost" and "Hide". Just when you thought these songs couldn't sound better, Red comes out with acoustic versions, which manage to hit a softer note, but it gives you a feel of another side of the songs. "If I Break" is an amazing track that deals with our call to God in our time of chaos, falling, and breaking. It's truly up there with their other ballads such as "Pieces", "Not Alone" and "Hold Me Now". "Circles", which is an instrumental, gives the listener a similar feel to that of their other material like "Break Me Down", "Shadows", and "Part That's Holding On". Everything "RED" sounding is in this seven-minute track. Also, it is now the longest track in RED's discography, beating out "Pieces" and "Nothing and Everything" by a whole minute.

In conclusion, this album is definitely worthy of a download if you're new to RED and it still is worthy of a re-download if you're a long time fan of the band. End Of Silence has aged very well and it holds a special place in every RED fan as well as what started their career in music making.

About Red

Post-grunge outfit RED first got their start in Pennsylvania playing contemporary Christian covers to area youth groups. They soon grew tired of pop songs, however, and began crafting their own hard-edged rock tunes that often confronted personal issues from their lives. According to lead singer Mike Barnes, the name RED was chosen as a symbol "for the blood of Christ and what it represents: passion, pain, but ultimately, redemption." Comprising Barnes, Jasen Rauch (guitar), Hayden Lamb (drummer), and identical twins Anthony Armstrong (guitar/vocals) and Randy Armstrong (bass/piano/vocals), the group cited influences from bands like Chevelle, Linkin Park, and Muse.

Spearheaded by the single "Breathe into Me," RED's first nationally distributed album, End of Silence, was released in June 2006 on Essential Records. Always wanting to directly connect with fans through their energetic live show, the band spent the summer touring nationwide, including dates at multiple festivals. A van crash put injured drummer Hayden Lamb on the sidelines for their 2007 headlining tour, but RED soldiered on -- gaining mass appeal with their rapidly growing CCM fanbase. Later in 2007, the band took home the Rock Recorded Song of the Year award at the 38th annual GMA Dove Awards. Innocence & Instinct appeared in 2009, followed by Release the Panic early in 2013. A remix version of the latter LP, Release the Panic: Recalibrated, preceded the arrival of the group's fifth studio long-player, 2015's Of Beauty and Rage, which was promoted with a graphic novel telling the story behind the album. September 2017 saw the band drop a pair of singles, "Still Alive" and "Losing Control," in anticipation of the release of the full-length Gone, which arrived later that October. ~ Corey Apar

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