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I put this record on and my eyes close and my insides turn into a giant glowing ball of pure rock energy. That ball of energy passes straight out my rectum and into space, where it supernovas or something into a baby galaxy of p-p-p-progressive rock and roll. The light from the pulsating stars in this galaxy shine down on all the weird space animals on their weird space animal planets who have never experienced the transcendency of listening to a rock and roll record by the band that calls itself self-evident and they close their eyes and then there are glowing balls everywhere. I do a little dance.

The perfect combination of technicality and melodics

Pointless band,

Okay this band is too sick. Their melodics are actually very pleasing to the ear while they still maintain their complexity. The Past was the perfect example of their perfect blend. Props to the members of this band. They definitely deserve more recognition.

About Self-Evident

Modeling their sound that is influenced by seemingly different styles ranging from classic and referential rock & roll to alternative and post-grunge inspirations, Self-Evident presents compound and hybrid themes that also display a sharp melodic sense. Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, Self-Evident first assembled in 1997 with a three-piece lineup consisting of guitarist and vocalist Conrad Mach, bassist Tom Berg, and drummer Brian Heitzman. Playing numerous shows at local clubs, Self-Evident gained considerable recognition within the Minneapolis music scene, mostly due to their rousing and energizing performances. The trio then entered the studio to record its first demos shortly before signing a deal with Doom Nibler Records. What We Sound Like, the group's debut album, hit record stores in 2000, supporting their ever-growing notability. In 2001, the team recorded its second disc, the EP Direct. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges

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