30 Songs, 1 Hour, 45 Minutes

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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5

53 Ratings

How can you NOT buy this?


30 songs for 10 bucks? That's just awesome. Plus, they are not bad tracks. In fact, I actually think this may have been the best purchase I've ever made. I'll breakdown each track for you if you are feeling reluctant. 1. Small Silhouette- 9/10- Great song and an excellent start to the mix. 2. ShaunLuu- 8/10- It's not the best, but it still is really good. 3. Enjoy the Silence- 10/10- Great cover song. Must have even if you don't want the album. 4. Lazarus (In the Wilderness)- 9/10- Love it. It is great. 5. You Will Remember Tonight- 6.5/10- Meh. It's ok. One of my least favorites on the CD. 6. Very Invisible- 7.5/10- It's pretty good. Not as good as the others, but still pretty darn good. 7. What's Up Now- 9.5/10- SKSC is just amazing and another killer track. 8. This Is My Own 9/10- Shadows Fall (not 1 word) does it again. Excellent track. 9. Nervous Breakdown- 7.5/10- You can't beat Black Flag at this one. And Rise Against is better at it. It's still good, just not one of my favorites. 10. At The End of the Road- 6/10- Probably my least favorite. I don't get this one. It's ok, but eh. idk. 11. Division St. (Acoustic)- 9/10- Great track. Acoustic actually made it better. 12. Overload- 8/10- Not bad at all here. Excellent. 13. Megalodon (Live)- 10/10- Mastodon are freaking beasts. Just excellent. 14. Bottled Up- 8.5/10- Great song here. 15. At Least You Brought Her Flowers- 10/10- I love this song. It's heavy and it gets me intense. Another one you MUST get even if you don't want the album. 16. We are One- 9/10- Talent is what it comes down to and both of them have extreme talent for an extreme colloboration. 17. Obstruction- 9/10- Rise Against really are one of the kings in punk. Great track. 18. Bats- 8/10- I like it. It is not bad at all. 19. Betwixt Her Getaway Sticks- 10/10- I think the name says it all. Another Must Buy. 20. Keith the Music- 7.5/10- For starters, it is called "Kill the Music" not keith. And it's actually good. I was not expecting it to be good. 21. In Transit (For You)- 8.75/10- I like it. I think it brings great music to the table. 22. Hindsight- 7/10- It's ok. Not the bomb, but solid. 23. We Can Never Break Up- 9.999999/10- Alkaline Trio are amazing. Nuff said. 24. Beast and the Harlot (Live)- 11/10- A7X live. Wow! It's different than what I expected, but it's just that powerful. You HAVE to Buy it. 25. Discover Me Like Emptiness- 10/10- In Flames really brings it to the table here. I love the heavy riffs and vocals in each of thier songs. Hoo-Rah. 26. The Thin Red Line- 8.5/10- It's really good. Better than expected. 27. Victoria Iceberg- 7.25/10- It has it's moments and it is solid through-out. Great! 28. If Ever (Acoustic)- 9.5/10- I love the acoustic version of this song. 29. 237- 8/10- It's an awesome heavy track for those wanting to mosh. 30. Contrast of Light and Dark- 9/10- Great Way to End the CD. Album: 9.75/10


Sith Lörd,

I was going to get the soundtrack to the sequel but when I saw the number of songs and price for it, I couldn't resist to buy this album and I don't regret for its good amount of metal and acoustic songs. I don't care to see the movie, but I can say the producers of this album are awesome. This is the best deal of songs for the money ever in the entire iTunes store!

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