6 Songs, 23 Minutes


About Nobody

Born Elvin Estrela, the boy who would become producer Nobody grew up in Los Angeles, exchanging hip-hop mixtapes with his friends in high school, hanging out at the Good Life Café, and listening to a lot of different music, from rap to '60s psychedelia to electronica, all of which influenced him later on. As an artist he chose to focus on using samples to create his own work, and in 2000 his full-length debut, Soulmates, which featured MCs like Abstract Rude and 2Mex, among others, came out on Ubiquity. Three years later, Pacific Drift: Western Water Music, Vol. 1, which used singers instead of rappers, was released, and after a move to Plug Research, a label on which Nobody felt more at home creatively, And Everything Else... hit shelves in 2005. The next year, Revisions Revisions, a collection of his remixes between 2000 and 2005 for artists such as the Free Design, Busdriver, and the Postal Service, came out. ~ Marisa Brown