13 Songs, 50 Minutes


*WEA.MusicPages.Riaa.Explicit* Mastered for iTunes


*WEA.MusicPages.Riaa.Explicit* Mastered for iTunes

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4.8 out of 5

5 Ratings

5 Ratings

15 Years Later... Surprise!


There have been 15 years between Uprising and Epic Tales of Human Nature, and judging by some recent articles about the band I've read, there were definitely some epic tales behind the 15-year absence. Whatever happened hasn't affected Jibe as a unit. It's as if those 15 years simply never happened and the band just kept firing on all cylinders. Bottom line: If you're a Jibe fan, you're going to dig this.

Real music

Westcoast gurl

This is an amazing album all the way through. Every song takes you to a different place. I love them all!

About JIBE

Arriving from Dallas and with a resident quartet composed of vocalist Joe Grah, Toby Bittenbender (guitar), Corey Trato (bass), and Ben Jeffries (drums), Jibe have consistently built a solid career since they assembled in 1994. Disposing stalwart tunes of alternative rock magnified by Grah's vigorous vocals, Jibe display their better commands on extreme and alternate effect settings. Only one year after forming, the Texan crew released their first record, Live at Trees. The album marked their impressive ability and offered them a growing popularity at the local music scene, solidified by 1996's Jibe, their self-titled second album. The band's considerable following was then consolidated by their consecutive performances as the opening band for groups such as Toadies, Fastball, or Creed. In 2000, and after yet another intense touring season, the Dallas team released their third record, In My Head, achieving regular airplay at various alternative radio stations and underlining their increasing prevalence. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges