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My Fantasy Has Finally Come True

It has been 6? years since the release of Final Fantasy XII; and now, at long last, the impossibly beautiful soundtrack to one of the greatest games in one of the greatest series has finally been made available! I had long ago lost faith that I would ever have opporotunity to own some of the most beautiful tracks in the history of video games, but iTunes has now restored my faith in their dedication to providing music to the world! When I started Final Fantasy XII for the first time, the glorious music, combined with the majestic visuals, sent the most pleasurable shivers down my spine. And now, that music can finally belong to me, and all the world!

Thank you iTunes! Thank you Square Enix!


Awesome Final Fantasy soundtrack

I always enjoyed listening to Final Fantasy soundtracks on my iPod. I've been wondering if the iTunes store was going to put the Final Fantasy XII soundtrack up for people to download. The music from FFXII has always been one of my favorite soundtracks from the FF series. It's part of the reason why I enjoyed playing the game. So I'm just glad they finally put this one up even though Final Fantasy XII has been out for about six years now. Better late than never I guess. Also, I noticed that the songs "Kiss Me Goodbye" and "Symphonic Poem 'Hope'-FFXII Piano Verison" are not on this soundtrack. Why are those two songs missing?


At long last

They've finally, finally, FINALLY brought the FF XII soundtrack to iTunes! No doubt one of, if not THE, most beautifully orchestrated soundtracks of the FF series. And that's saying something.

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