12 Songs, 48 Minutes


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5 out of 5

40 Ratings

40 Ratings



Great songs

Outstanding as usual

Mahmoud Shaalan

This album..oh !! I've waited strongly because we got used to the excellence of Hamza Namira this album I think it's one of the best things that happened in 2014
Thanks Hamza

Diverse and fresh

Emad Elagouz

This new album has a lot of music styles so I believe everyone can find a song to like.
To me 'la tabki' and 'esmaani' are the best in this album
'Yasidi' is pretty awful song and the rest are average songs not bad but not as good as 'la tabki' and 'esmaani'.
'Al qatr' and 'ay kalam' are nice, 'esmahely' strong words -i love- but no music -i hate-, 'dalemet ked leh' is funny also 'ya zalem' has strong words shame it was wasted on a tune that is not fresh i feel I heard it before, same for 'maa elsalama'.

Overall it's a nice album better than the previous one.

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