13 Songs, 1 Hour 17 Minutes


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I came to this album for the Underworld song. And after buying the album and skimming through all the songs, it's really the only thing worth it on this. It's actually not the extended Marco Dionigi version that I was looking for ("Second Hand" on this album is 9 min and the extended is even better at 11 min. My fault for not really looking carefully. Still, it's a great song.)

Leftfield song is good. It sounds more Enigma-ish. The Penguin Cafe Orchestra song can be found in many places, even the Napolean Dynamite soundtrack, I think.

The rest of it includes mostly songs that sound sloppily made by someone who is a fan of lounge music and has Garageband but no ear for songwriting. Sorry, but it's not great. I heard later volumes are better, but I'm at least happy I found this version of the Underworld song. Been looking for it since 1998. I would not suggest it. Two stars was slightly more generous than how I really feel about it.

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