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6 Ratings

Rahsaan? Simply the best in R&B Male singer today to pickup a mic.

B.G.the K.I.N.G.,

It's too bad that the public-at-large and none of the award shows acknowledge his genius as a great artist—oppose to awarding these "auto-tune" sound a likes tainted trophies. He's got more ability in his nail clippings than anyone else "trying" to sing R&B on FM or Sirius XM Radio or any place else.

It's a good thing that artist like James Brown, Jackie Wilson, and Luther didn't come out today, because with today's public and the powers that be in the music industry we would have never heard of them...like many have never heard the genius of Rahsaan.



I Agree way \/ way to fly not regonized more music is tight and those back up singers add just the right all flavours down Yummy



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