6 Songs, 25 Minutes


About Glenn Astro

Glenn Astro began to produce and DJ at the age of 13, at first sticking to hip-hop, but as he grew older, he branched out into the realms of house, soul, jazz, and disco. Astro eventually migrated to Berlin, where he established a close circle of friends -- including Max Graef, Delfonic, and IMYRMIND -- who carved a name for themselves as electronic magpies, not willing to operate inside of preconceived genre boundaries. In 2011, Astro released his first dance-oriented EP -- in collaboration with Lee Webster -- Colored Sands/Hotel Groove via Big Bait Records. Over the next four years, he released an eclectic variety of EPs on various labels, including releases on Odd Socks, Box Aus Holz, Wotnot Records, and Tartelet, the last of which released his debut full-length, the broken-beat-leaning Throwback LP, in 2015. The same year, Astro launched his own label, Money $ex Records, alongside close friends Max Graef and Delfonic. The label's first release was a collaborative EP by Astro and Graef. In 2016, the pair collaborated again, releasing a double LP, The Yard Work Simulator, via Ninja Tune. ~ Liam Martin