"Everlasting (feat. Terrence Richburg)" by Phil French on iTunes

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5 out of 5

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This CD is epic and timeless!

Uncle Leroy 7,

Wow! I'm speechless! And this isn't my genre of music but believe me I'm won over completely due to the level of excellence of this CD. Phil you did a unbelievable job man. I'm super proud of you. I got TOO many favorites just to buy a couple of songs! Lol. Thanks for your hard work and dedication under pain and pressure to create and experience set to music! That's sooo rare these days! If you're reading this...STOP...and buy the entire CD! You won't regret it!!!

Great Job Mr. T!

Chris (You know who) lol,

Hey Mr. T! It’s Chris. Obviously my last comment didn’t post correctly. Anyway, I enjoyed listening to this inspiring work. Beautifully done and well delivered. Speaks directly to the heart and soul. From the musicianship to the mix, fine job. Looking forward to the next project. Blessings and see you soon!


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