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4.5 out of 5
61 Ratings
61 Ratings
Robert Emerson

Really good right

Its really good to hear these reviews.


lifes.a.journey=terrible person who likes terrible music.

"constipated rock" from the person who would give modern day trash like Taylor swift a 5 stars for no reason other then "SO GOOD"
obviously not seeing the emotion and feeling put into this record with its dark comedic references "i'm really hoping the world ends..." to songs about letting go "stay alseep" and songs about moving on and growing up and dealing with change "weightless" "time capsules" and songs about being in with whats "cool" "she didn't turn out that cool."
compared to Taylor Swift making the same songs about "oh woe is me this country girl whos also geeky lol" and "were like never ever ever ever getting back together kthxbailolol"
make the obvious choice and listen to good music, not artist who make generic songs wrote by a group of slick-back-hair-executives-with-black-suits-3-packs-of-cigarettes-and-in-their-mid-40's.



This album and band really out did themselves when they got together from Transit & TTNY. It's a great record. Buy it and you'll be happy. WORD.

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