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Passafire. One of the greatest bands out there. If you haven't heard of them now is the time. Pick up this album. I've already listened to it over and over online. Here In Front of Me and Keeping in Touch are my two favorites off this album. Pick up their music! Support Passafire and if they ever come to your town, make sure to check them out, they are awesome live. Keep the music coming!

Album of the Year

Mr. Holland's Remix,

Passafire's unrelenting need to grow as a band and produce the best dub-rock / reggae fusion on the planet has paid off in a big way with "Everyone on Everynight." The fullness of the sound these four gents produce has matured like a fine wine and they are certainly ready for the inevitable stardom they are about to receive. This music will keep your foot tapping in the car but can also guide you through deep thoughts while sitting on the porch watching the sun set. Total package. Game over. Album of the year. You heard it here first.

About Passafire

While many groups that mix reggae with rock go for the laid-back vibes and represent the permanent vacation lifestyle, the Savannah, Georgia-based Passafire prefer a more punchy, punky, and progressive version of reggae-rock. Formed in 2003 with the Savannah College of Art and Design as their home base, the four-piece launched their career through rigorous touring and a self-titled, self-released album that appeared in 2006. Two years later, they signed with fellow rock-reggae group Pepper's imprint LAW and released their sophomore effort, Submersible, with Everyone on Everynight following on the label in 2009. With guidance from the people at LAW, Passafire formed their own imprint, Flame Guy Records, and released their fourth album, the Paul Leary-produced Start from Scratch, in 2011. Life on their own didn't last long, and Easy Star Records signed the group in 2012. Their album Vines appeared on the label a year later, debuting at number one on the Billboard Reggae Chart. The band dropped an EP, Interval, in 2015, followed by their sixth studio long-player, Longshot, in 2017. ~ David Jeffries

    Savannah, GA

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