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Sure to be overrated.


Some reviews online at Punkmatters and the such are claiming that this blows their old material out of the water, and it's absolutely not true. An obvious attempt at fame, and good for them as they sure seem to try hard. I hope they put out some more rocking stuff for their original fans some day. Really poppy. Not great.

It Rules. Seriously.


If you're looking for more songs in the vein of We're All Just Living, you won't get it here. But if you don't care that Make Do and Mend is no longer trying to force a pop punk sound so as not to alienate their previous fanbase (like me!), then check this out. The songs are well crafted, and there's more than enough originality to set this apart from standard radio rock. Check it out! I love it, you might too!

About Make Do and Mend

Based out of Boston, Massachusetts, Make Do and Mend were originally formed in Hartford, Connecticut, in 2006. Comprised of singer/guitarist James Carroll, guitarist Mike O'Toole, bassist Mike Poulin, and drummer Matt Carroll, the moody post-hardcore band mixes gruff aggression and melody in equal doses to create its driving and catchy sonic concoction. The group's recorded debut came in 2007 with the release of the We're All Just Living EP. The album eventually got Make Do and Mend signed with Panic Records, which released their follow-up EP, Bodies of Water, in 2009, as well as their first full-length outing, 2010's End Measured Mile. In 2012, bassist Poulin left the band to continue on with his other project, Defeater, and was replaced by Luke Schwartz. Later that year, Make Do and Mend signed on with Rise, and went into the studio with Matt Bayles to record their sophomore album, Everything You Ever Loved, which appeared in the summer of 2012. ~ Gregory Heaney

    Hartford, CT

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