11 Songs, 53 Minutes


About MrNorth

A band with an epic sound recalling Jeff Buckley and their fellow Irishmen U2, Mrnorth feature vocalist/guitarist Colin Smith, his cousins Emmett O'Malley and Oisin O'Malley on guitars/vocals and bass/keyboards, respectively, and drummer/percussionist Adrian Mordaunt. Forming in Dublin in the late '90s, the bandmembers developed a sound they called "melodic, passionate rock" and went to Italy to record some demos. Their stay was supposed to last for three months but ended up lasting two years as they played dates throughout the country. Mrnorth then ventured to New York City after meeting an American manager, and after consistent touring in the Northeast, signed to Uninhibited Records and recorded their 2004 debut album, Lifesize, with producer Jerry Harrison. They switched to Rock Ridge for their next effort, the digitally released EP Sleeping Dogs, which arrived late in 2006; Mrnorth's second album, Fear & Desire, was released early in 2007. ~ Heather Phares

Dublin, Ireland



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