17 Songs, 52 Minutes


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16 Ratings

not so good yeah?


I am very disapoint..this is no silent hill track...smh



The idiot below is stating this is no Silent Hill track, no kidding sherlock…. This is a wonderful soundtrack to a very terrifying game. I didn’t see Akira’s name on the cover, nor the words Silent Hill (which is my all-time favorite survival horror series), but I’m not complaining this isn’t the same trip-hop from that series. Listen moron, before you give a soundtrack one star and a dumb comment look into what you’re reviewing.



This accompanies the game wonderfully, and it's fun to listen to while running or driving through a dark forest. I love it! I saw someone complaining that it doesn't sound like Silent Hill. It's not supposed to because this IS A DIFFERENT GAME. Anyways, game is awesome and music is awesome. It's a must buy.

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