12 Songs, 35 Minutes


About Three

Under the leadership and inspiration of frontman, artist/singer/songwriter/guitarist Caspar McCloud, the group Three came together with their first musical effort in 1998. Making their home in Marietta, GA, Three holds together as a group through their mission of love and service towards spreading the Christian word through their talents and music. As a trio filled with spontaneity, drive, passion, and energy, their music incorporates meaningful testimonies through lyrical expression and British-like power rock. With McCloud taking the wing as lead vocalist and guitarist, Keith Hazelrigs on drums, and Andy Williams on bass, Three created their first record, entitled In Our Lifetime, in 1998, released on the Woodstock, GA, label Big House. Through harnessing their faith and belief in God as a source of inspiration and creative expression, the result was a remarkable batch of musical material that satisfied the group's desire to let listeners be revitalized and invigorated with such a positive force. For example, the second track, "Faithfulness," brought a message of life and peace to those who carry their faith with sincerity and honesty. McCloud's technical prowess and spellbinding guitar solos carry the record and act as a lift or harness of the group as a whole. Through the band's more driving, hard rocking songs with catchy lyrical hooks or in light of McCloud's soft spot for spinning soothing acoustic ballads, Three became quite popular among Christians in the Marietta area and people of all faiths. Over the next three years while playing gigs in clubs such as Jehova Java, their trademark sound and message became a staple of the Marietta music community. With the joining of new bassist Stephen Delli, Three began working on a new set of songs for their second record, Soul Saved. Released in the winter of 2001 under the label, Hip and Groovy, Three's new material laid a solid foundation for the group's future. Soul Saved became a success, never failing the listener of receiving a healthy dose of invigorating guitar virtuoso, steaming percussion, and feverish bass. The musical formula is straightforward and simple meaningful, positive lyrics and heavy, uplifting power rock to inspire generations of listeners. Their mission has certainly been completed with honor so far, to deliver music that aims to transcend one's mind and heart at the end of each listen. With their second recording effort, Three shows their gradual improvement in many facets and their desire to broaden their musical horizons. Three is a group which possesses a gift of making dreamy, reflective, uplifting, prophetic music. ~ Shawn M. Haney