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9 Ratings

Out of this world


Hypernova is awesome



Love it. Absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see them on tour in LA…

Truly GREAT!

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About Hypernova

The modern political underground crunch dance-rock band Hypernova were hatched in a most unlikely locale -- Tehran, Iran. Between their debut in 2000 and their international breakout in 2004, the ensemble had been performing to a growing audience, albeit under strict veils of secrecy in their homeland. In Iran, the vast majority of the population is in their twenties, and listening to Western music is illegal since Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad banned it in December of 2005. Bassist Jamshid and lead vocalist/guitarist Raam met at a military camp in Iran. Raam, whose vocal style has been linked to Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis, lived in Eugene, OR, for several years in the 1980s before returning to the Middle East, and formed the group with drummer Kami, second guitarist Kodi, and rhythm guitarist Poya. Though suffering from a limited access to the music they enjoyed, they were influenced by Sisters of Mercy, the Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, the Kings of Leon, the Ramones, NOFX, and Queens of the Stone Age. With an aspiration to be heard in the United States, their dream became a reality In 2007, where a casual application over the Internet garnered an invitation to play at the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, TX. But legal issues blocked their visas and prevented their appearance in Texas, and they were stuck in Dubai.

Their consolation prize was a onetime appearance at the club Fat Baby in New York City on the Lower East Side, made possible with help from New York Democratic Senator Charles Schumer. From there, despite marginal attendance, the ball started rolling for Hypernova, as editors from MTV and The New York Times heard and touted them, as did ABC News, Telegraph UK, and NPR, who all conducted interviews with the bandmembers. Eventually they moved to Los Angeles while splitting time in New York City; produced a limited-edition EP, Who Says You Can't Rock In Iran?; worked on their debut album, Through the Chaos, produced by Herwig Maurer; and explored further performance opportunities. In 2008 they toured as the opening act for their idols Sisters of Mercy. Critics have compared them to Bauhaus and Interpol, and they have been featured on the VH1 television network. Interestingly enough, Hypernova sing their lyrics in English. ~ Michael G. Nastos