"The Expanse (Original Television Soundtrack)" by Clinton Shorter on iTunes

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Great addition but overall disappointing...

Random Joe 101,

When I saw that this soundtrack made its way to iTunes I jumped for joy. This show instantly became one of my favorites in recent years and the soundtrack just really seemed to fit with what was going on between its somber, ambient moments and its tense, action-oriented tunes.


How this soundtrack was released is lacking. Many of the action-based score is missing from this release. The battle with the Donnager in 'CQB', the dockyard fight in 'Levianthan Wakes', many of these parts to the score were not released in the soundtrack. As someone who was really looking forward to listening to those works without having to be watching the show its a disappointment.

Don't get me wrong, what's released certainly works on its own. But to call this a soundtrack when noticeable chunks of it aren't even included seems to just continue SyFy's trend of either releasing incomplete soundtracks or not releasing them at all (i.e. "Where's my SG:Universe soundtrack?!").

Awesome, but...


... where's the rest of the music? Clinton Shorter is one of the best of the new generation of composers, it's a shame whoever edited this release left out a good portion of music. That being said, what's here is incredibly good and worth a listen.

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