10 Songs, 56 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
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13 Ratings

Almost! Wake up!


Not everyone, just because they're musical, should put songs on an album. I get it, I get it, this is supposed to introduce new artists from MorninStar to the general public but there are maybe two decent songs. For the most part, it could be the mixing. The sounds get so jumbled that its hard to hear any "music". Although I do love the bluegrassy feel of some of the songs and think that its about time for that to emerge in popularity (my roots are showing), the album as a whole doesn't flow at all. I can understand that we want to make a new sound with our worship but that doesn't mean that anything goes. Music fundamentals should still apply. Now this is based upon first listen and I may change my mind but I want to provide some feedback!

Great Album!


This album goes across several genres and it does it very well. It shows the side of the youth MorningStar that needs to be shown. It sounds very secular like and is very unique in its overall sound. My favorite songs as of now are "Majesty", "Higher", "Peacebringer", and "Let's Just Dance".

Love it

Sarah McGinnis

Knowing a lot of the artists, I can appreciate the album even more, because I know the hearts that the music flows out of. The music itself is my kinda stuff; love the indie/bluegrass sound, and just the "peace" the music brings.

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