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9 Ratings

Some of the Best Street punk to date


Wow... if you are one for hardcore street punk with personal and political themes and a pissed off edge, buy this. The songs with Tripp doing vocals tend to lack the pure aggression that Mark has on his songs (False Hope, Negative Outlook, Sick of you) and flops more towards an angsty yell, but he is still extremely passionate and lets you know it. After you listen, you'll wanna see these guys live, and believe me, its worth it. They are energetic, and if ur lucky enough to meet them, you'll find that they are very nice, decent people.

The Unseen Out Did Themselves

The Heretics And Killers,

"Explode" is the best Unseen album right behind "The Anger & The Truth". The tracks are short and packed with the energy that only The Unseen can bring. This time around the guitars are a little harder and vocals more tight which make this album a must for any hardcore punk. The best tracks include "False Hope", "Don't Look Back", "Tsunami Suicide", and "So Sick Of You". This album is worth it so buy it, right here on iTunes. You can't go wrong.

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It pushes energy to a whole new level. After a few times hearing it, you don't want to listen to anything else.

About The Unseen

Boston hardcore punk quintet the Unseen formed in 1993 around high school friends Mark Unseen (vocals/drums), Tripp Underwood (vocals/bass), and lead guitarist Scott Unseen. With surprisingly little member turnover, the lineup soon also included Paul Russo (guitar/vocals), while drummer Pat Melzard joined up in 2002. After appearing on numerous punk compilations, the band issued the LPs So This Is Freedom and Lower Class Crucifixion on A-F Records, the label run by Pittsburgh punk iconoclasts Anti-Flag. The band also continued to tour incessantly and release spit-flying 7" singles with classic, cut-and-paste punk rock aesthetics and titles like "Raise Your Finger, Raise Your Fist" and "Piss Off, You Worthless Lying Fuck." In 2001, the band returned with the LP The Anger and the Truth for California's BYO, followed in 2003 by Explode; a tour with Millencolin and booking on the 2003 Vans Warped Tour followed. Russo was no longer in the band when State of Discontent appeared two years later on Hellcat Records. After various fill-ins, longtime friend and guitarist Jonny eventually completed the quintet after the record's release, and the Unseen stayed on the road at home and abroad with both headlining dates and as support for Tiger Army and Rancid. Going straight from the van back into the studio, the crew began work on their fifth album in late 2006. The resulting Internal Salvation surfaced in July 2007, as the band sweated it out again on the summer's Warped Tour. ~ Johnny Loftus

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