1 Song, 35 Minutes


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Instant, compelling and intense


This wonderful music had been years in gestation with a stellar cast of musicians contributing "guest appearances". But it is fully Mastelotto (King Crimson, Stick Men) and Reuter's (Stick Men, Centrozoon) composition that compels the listener. Driving, insistent, and at the same time transforming and evolving along it's 35:11 minute length. It engages the listener and propels you on an epic ride.

About Pat Mastelotto

Very rarely does a drummer go on to forge the most successful career on demise of their former band. Phil Collins and Don Henley have managed it, so too has Pat Mastelotto, a self taught master of acoustic and electronic drums and percussion born in Chico, California, September 1955. His first break came upon the end of Pages who metamorphosed into Mr Mister. Piloted by Richard Page, Mastelotto provided beat bravado for three albums and two #1 singles: "Broken Wings" and "Kyrie." As a fourth album became nothing more than vault fodder for RCA, Mastelotto duly accepted an invitation to form backbone for XTC and Cock Robin; the latter featuring some quite brilliant work. In the early 90s memorable moments came in spades as he teamed up with the Rembrandts and many others. As another band of the eighties folded, Cock Robin frontman Peter Kingsbery invited his friend to play and co-produce his debut "A Different Man." Once more Mastelotto didn't disappoint, dressing each track in a style and sound suitable. Having missed out on the First Day, the persistent drummer tracked down the management of David Sylvian and Robert Fripp for an audition. He passed with flying colours. The Road To Graceland tour later emerged as the limited edition Damage. This in turn led to a double trio (re)formation of King Crimson (Mastelotto partnering Bill Bruford). Being part of one of the world's most successful experimental rock bands has not prevented Mastelotto from continuing his session work for an ever increasing clientele (Jude Cole, Tina Arena, Michael Penn etc). He even appears on the radio hit theme from Friends! Now with an illustrious career behind him, his own band MasticA has recently issued their first CD. King Crimson's The ConstruKction of Light and PROJEKCT X are due mid year. ~ Kelvin Hayes

Chico, CA
September 10, 1955