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50 Ratings
robertw7 ,

Perhaps the most under rated female vocalist of our time....

Amanda Marshall has been around for quite awhile now and has yet to receive the accolade she deserves.
In this day and age of over produced, talentless, little dingbats, this woman is a STANDOUT. Incredible voice,
incredible heart and soul; and it all comes out in the music. For cryin out loud , take a break
from the usual crud getting air time on the "Clear Channel" , and buy this album. Your ears will love you for it!.

blossom78 ,

Top 10 Albums of All Time!

this is one of those every-song-is-amazing, stranded on a desert island
albums. a ground-breaking debut from a brilliant canadian singer.
add this album to your collection - now.
oh - and the best songs are "dark horse" and "fall from grace", but they're
really all winners.

Kimberpen ,

Amazing CD

I bought this CD when it first came out and just about wore it out I listened to it so much. It's over 10 years later and I still love it. I now have it on my ipod and continue to consider it one of my top ten CD's of all time.

About Amanda Marshall

Singer/songwriter Amanda Marshall started her musical career early, singing in choir and playing in the band at school, as well as playing the guitar on her own. From the beginning, Marshall knew she wanted to be a performer; at the age of 17, the Toronto native went to see fellow Canadian musician Jeff Healey at a nearby club.

After meeting him backstage and telling him of her desire to be on-stage, Healey agreed to play an open mic night with Marshall; he was impressed enough with her performance that he advised her to start looking for bandmembers and start gigging at small clubs. She followed his advice and soon had a local following, due not only to her talent but the novelty of her youth. Healey intervened again, offering her a spot on an upcoming U.S. tour. This opportunity led to a record deal, which resulted in her 1996 self-titled debut album. Amanda Marshall's gritty, soulful sound was a hit, particularly in Canada, where it went platinum several times over. Her second album, 1999's Tuesday's Child, featured more songwriting input from Marshall, as well as collaborations with prominent songwriters like Eric Bazilian and Carole King. ~ Heather Phares

Toronto, Ontario, Canada




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