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Lovelyz Are Back to Warm Up Winter ❄️


Their sound has evolved. It is still the signature Lovelyz vocals that sets them apart from other groups but the production has changed slightly. For example, "Fallin" is a classic Lovelyz ballad but it includes male backup vocals that give it a Carpenters sound. These nuances make this album a fresh take on the Lovelyz music we have come to expect. My favorite is "Triangle" because it features perfect line distribution with Kei's parts shining bright as always. Share Lovelyz this Christmas 🎄 by buying this album for all your friends and family. A Lovelyz winter come back is the best gift 🎁 ever.

glad they're finally on itunes!!

liv 🌸,

im new to lovelyz but so far all of their tracks and unique and wonderful!! i hope to see more of their older stuff on itunes soon 💗

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