16 Songs, 1 Hour 14 Minutes


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bP of Duluth

Ever fresh

Nadishana's music is ever fresh and inventive. So beautifully articulated and phrased. Everyone he collaborates with is likewise extraordinary. I listen to his pieces over and over and at every listening hear things I'd never noticed before.

Yogi the Soyman

best ethnic fusion album of the year

Nadishana is a compositional prodigy and one of the most brilliant musicians of this era. With telecomunications and internet resources available, the newest generation of musicians have had the oportunity to study music styles from around the world and mesh them together like never before. No one musician that I've heard more embodies this concept more spectacularly than Vladiswar Nadishana. Steve Shehan is also an incredible percussionist who makes use of some of the most rare and cutting edge instruments around the globe (like the hang drum of Switzerland). Armin Metz has more of a pop sound on bass guitar. This makes the makes the music a bit more tangeable for people who are new to foreign music and the ethnic fusion genre. Nadishana is a master of all types of flutes, guitars (including an instrument he made himself combining a guitar and sitar), jaw harps, and a variety of hand drums. This album has enough different instruments and types of pieces to keep the listener captivated by all the unique sounds the whole way through.

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