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Missamandab ,


As good live as on the album. Heavenly voice. Brilliant album.

Nnajksksdkjd ,


It is a dreamy beautiful kind of album.

About Gothic Tropic

Gothic Tropic is the brainchild of Italian-American musician and singer/songwriter Cecilia Della Peruti. Born in New Jersey, she grew up in a musically enriched environment with her father being a jazz composer and her mother an opera singer. She moved to Los Angeles at the age of 11 where she began to develop a passion for visionary pop stars, listening to everything from Bauhaus and Alan Vega to Prince and David Bowie. She also began to learn a variety of instruments, joining various punk outfits throughout her teens. Having become a multi-instrumentalist by her early twenties, Peruti began work as a session musician, collaborating and performing with artists such as Beck and Charli XCX. While working with other acts, Peruti spent a lot of her free time writing her own material with the intention of starting a small side project. After a while she felt she had enough of her own ideas to play a couple of shows, going on to make her live debut at a closed-down clothing store on Sunset Boulevard. She put out her debut release, the Awesome Problems EP in 2011; a punk-infused effort with elements of psychedelia and '90s alt-rock. The project then went quiet for some time while Peruti was on tour with American indie pop singer BØRNS for two years. During that time, she had amassed enough material to begin recording a full-length record. Whenever she was back in California, she would track and record her ideas with the help of friend and producer Todd Dahlhoff. The album, titled Fast or Feast, was a sonic departure from its predecessor, combining R&B tempos with lo-fi indie rock and dream pop, and was released via Old Flame Records in mid-2017. ~ Rob Wacey

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