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24 Ratings

Simply Stunning

It is said that the most challenging pictures to create are action films. And while this may be true, any film is nothing without a great score to translate the emotion necessary to tell a story and Clint Mansell's efforts on George Tillman, Jr.'s 2010 film "Faster" are no exception. Mansell's music springs off the page and takes the form of a haunting album that brings to life the good, old-fashioned revenge tale of a man on a mission to avenge his brother's death before he becomes the very thing that destroyed his life.


Great Album for a Great Movie

Clint Mansell at his best I've heard. Doom and Requiem are good, but Mansell has a great use and combination of guitar, drums, violins and piano to make amazing music and emotion. This is his best work yet that I have heard. You mostly like this if u r a fan of Mansell, but I recommend seeing the movie first. The whole album is worth listening to with the opening songs as well.


Want to see it

Im seeing this movie tonight and I looks so frickin awesome

About Various Artists & Clint Mansell

Frontman for the sadly defunct Pop Will Eat Itself, among other things, Clint Mansell (b. January 7, 1963, Coventry, England) has played a lot of music. Affectionately known as Clint Poppie, he started out in 1981, forming a group called From Eden that included future members of Pop Will Eat Itself, in the English industrial city of Stourbridge. After several years, the band broke up (they argued over who had performed better on The Tube). Mansell, along with future Poppies Adam Mole and Graham Crabb, then recruited the fourth Poppie, Richard March, and proceeded to release an EP as Wild & Wandering. On their next self-released EP, the band finally came to rest with the name Pop Will Eat Itself, stolen from an NME article.

Signed to Chapter 22, Pop Will Eat Itself put out a series of singles and a pair of albums that attracted a lot of attention. Eventually, they signed to RCA. After three albums, innumerable singles, and a fair amount of critical and commercial success, RCA dumped them. They immediately signed with their former A&R man's label, Infectious. After another pair of albums, the band began to fragment. Crabb split for his own project, Golden Claw Music, and in 1996, Pop Will Eat Itself split up.

Mansell moved to the U.S. after the breakup. He then proceeded to write the score to the movie Pi, and he produced a limited-edition U.K. remix 12" of the movie's theme. In addition, he has worked with Trent Reznor, both helping with remixes and appearing on Nine Inch Nails' album The Fragile, and has pursued film scoring aggressively, including the scores for Requiem for a Dream, Moon, Noah, The Fountain, Stoker, and Black Swan, the latter of which received a Grammy nomination. Mansell delivered more critically acclaimed scores in subsequent years, including those for Ben Wheatley's cinematic adaptation of J.G. Ballard's High Rise, the live-action remake of Ghost in the Shell, the first fully painted animated film Loving Vincent, and a short score for the Emmy Award-winning San Junipero episode of satirical anthology series Black Mirror. ~ Joshua Landau

Coventry, England
January 7, 1963



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