16 Songs, 45 Minutes


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4.0 out of 5
42 Ratings
42 Ratings

Bugsy Malone

Ok, now as you can tell, my name is Busy323, that comes from Bugsy Malone. I just recently did this musical. This musical was so much fun. Now the CD that i got was a lot better than this, but the musical totally rocks!!!!


This is Good!

I am going to be in this musical and I heard the tracks and like them a lot! They have a fun vibe and good lyrics!


I Love This Musical!

I am going to be in this play in the spring. I am going out for Blously. I want the lead so bad. I can sing so that is good I guess. I got a better CD to but I can't take it home so I am buying this one! Go check out Ordinary Fool it is the song she sings. I hope I get the part wish me LUCK.

With Love

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