1 Song, 4 Minutes


About Asylum

Silver Spring, MD's Asylum was an obscure heavy metal power trio composed of vocalist/guitarist Dale Flood, bassist Earl Schreyer, and drummer Ronnie Kalimon, who first bonded over their shared interest in the definitive works of Black Sabbath, and the massive distortion and don't-give-a-fuck ethos of Motörhead (plus some subliminal ‘70s art rock concepts, as well). Unfortunately, although the band was active throughout the second half of the '80s, a handful of demos and a small regional fan base were the extent of their accomplishments. They would graduate to underground renown in the next decade, at least, after changing their name to Unorthodox and issuing a pair of well-regarded doom LPs. As for Asylum's legacy, that remained largely forgotten until a set of 1985 demos -- entitled The Earth Is the Insane Asylum of the Universe -- were released in 2009 by Shadow Kingdom Records. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia