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Tie Dye Blues

James Blade,

There's nothing orthodox about John Nemeth's approach to the Blues. When he steps on stage in his derby, mirrored shades, and tie dye coveralls, you know you're in for something different. That doesn't mean he's not true to the tradition... His harp playing is recalls the best in the genre. His roots run deep, but like a mighty oak, his roots go in all directions. He brings from the best sounds of Soul, Rock, Dance, and most certainly the Blues and blends into an undeniable boogie. I was fortunate to see this artist in Clarksdale and bought the album nearly a year ago. It was by far the best release of the year. Get ott that butt, it's time to get freaky!

About John Németh

Born in 1976 in Idaho, John Németh grew up in Boise, where his first exposure to music was singing in the Catholic Church. He branched out from there, though, and was playing in local bands as a teenager. He was 17 when a friend, Tom Moore, exposed him to the blues, and together they formed Fat John & the 3 Slims, which is still regarded as a legendary band in the Boise region. Németh began playing with the Junior Watson Band in 2002 as well as gigging with his own band, the Jacks. A vocalist with great range, ability, and soulfulness, Németh had also developed into a top-notch blues harmonica player, which led to a spot with Anson Funderburgh & the Rockets, where he filled in for the great Sam Myers. A self-released album with the Jacks, The Jack of Harps, appeared in 2002, followed by a second self-release, Come and Get It (which featured the Junior Watson Band) in 2004. That same year Németh left Boise and relocated to San Francisco. In 2006 he signed with Blind Pig Records, which released Magic Touch (produced by Anson Funderburgh and featuring Junior Watson on guitar) in 2007. Name the Day!, also on Blind Pig Records, followed in 2010. The Scott Bomar-produced Memphis Grease, recorded in Bomar's Electraphonic Studio in Memphis with the Bo-Keys, arrived early in 2014. ~ Steve Leggett ~ Steve Leggett

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