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Festival Expressions


Unfortunately, the vast majority of rock bands formed in the past decade or so have put out the equivalent of regurgitated garbage. After listening to this album, one can easily see that Festival Expressions does not belong in this group.

The creativity and cohesiveness of the band is apparent from beginning to end of the album. It is quite rare to see a young band put out so many originals that are....indeed original. Not only are they all talented musicians, they're good guys. Birmingham is lucky to have you.

Hope to see many more albums in the future.

Awesome band!


Listening to this music take me back. It is very unusual for a young group to have an "old soul sound" like this group. Unlike the new groups of today it is a breath of fresh air to hear the originals this group is putting out. I'm looking forward to listing to this album over and over and waiting until the next one comes out.

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