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25 Ratings
colinbass ,

Sting Midas

I always enjoy laughing at negative reviews of such talented artists like Sting. He has obviously well established himself as a timeless artist, always seeking to reinvent himself, while still staying true to the quality that is simply "Sting". These songs are classics, yes, and he and Edin play them here with style and taste, reinventing them, highlighting the songs' greatness with this current foray into baroque music. Staying on top of the industry and continuing to sell millions of records for more than a quarter of a century requires the leaving behind of outdated and closed-minded attitudes of the past. If "Sting is nothing without Stewart and Andy", as a previous reviewer put it, why is he still around, selling records, performing at a peak level of talent that many artists cannot sustain as they age? If indeed he is "nothing...", why then is he still immensely more popular and publically and musically visible than either Stewart Copeland or Andy Summers? Becuase he is and will always be a musician and front man of the highest caliber. The idea of "nothing" does not continually dominate popular music for decades. "Nothing" will fade and be forgotten. Sting, however, has yet to fade and will never be forgotten. The Police were very good, but as Sting realized (which ultimately caused him to break up the band), their time was over because they were at the peak of their career with nowhere to go but down. He has moved on and doesn't look back. He is Sting.

fanniebee71 ,

When your soul is your pilot...

you produce the kind of musical art Sting does. He has more creativity than most singer/songwriters I can think of - and creates based on what is in his soul, as an artist, rather than what might sell the most albums or rate at the top of the charts. How can one not respect, admire and blissfully lose oneself in such sounds, lyrics? He plays for the love of and connection to the music, the sounds, the words, the vision - there is no one better in my book.

Stinghead ,

Most amazing talent

Sting continues to reinvent himself and his music, support those who have supported him, and introduce new talent to the world. Congrats for his amazing about face from his self-serving narcisistic days with the Police to the humanitarian and continually reinventing self of today.

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