60 Songs, 11 Hours 45 Minutes


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Apo12765 ,

Great remixes on classics

Keep up the great work. These songs never get old and the new remixes take on a whole new feel.

DJJohnnyFi ,

Fresh take on a "Dear and Treasured Friend" :)

Fierce Angel's Story So Far was one I almost passed up becuase it looked like it was the same old versions of the classic songs that have made this label great over the last what is it 8 years or so? Seeing 60 songs for just 10 dollars I had to look further and lo and behold... NEW REMIXES!

As a huge fan of these songs to get so many new "Chill" remixes and other fresh takes from so many of the Fierce Angel artists out there. This is worth every penny. Yes there are some repeats but so many of the remixes are just fantastic! Again in particular the first 10 tracks or so of Chill remixes of some of the biggest anthems.

Many people are complaining that this is a rehash of what it already been released. Frankly, I'll take these rehashed and reminding me of where we've been over so many of the bland "Deep House" songs that are plaguing the Genre right now.

Fantastic Work Mark Doyle and FA team as always! Keep em coming. I can't wait to see what the new release brings that is in the works. Your Loyal Consumer of Angelic Ferocity and Cranial Confections. :)

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